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   Govindas Dream (Spiritual Music, Acid Folk, Mantras, Ragas)
   MUSICA DEL MUNDO (Folk, World, Ethno music project [dlblog])
   Standin' At The Crossroads (60's-70's Acid Folk, Indian Folk, Psychedelic)
   Sounds Of Enlightenment (All Times - Spiritual Music)
   ENTRE A MI MENTE (40's-70's different kinds of music)
   Groovy Fab (All kind of "Oldies" [Forum])
   Hippy-DJkit (65-75 Psychedelic, Acid, San Francisco Psych)
   Krishna's Golden Dope Shop (60's-70's Psychedelic, Progrock, Acid)
   Sir Psych's Psychedelic Shack (65-75 Psychedelic, psychedelic Rock, psychedelic folk)
   Black Acid (60's-70's Psychedelic, Psychedelic-rock, Acid, Heavy Psychedelia)
   Venenos Do Rock (66-75 Psychedelic, Heavy Psychedelia, Acid)
   Grateful Breed (60's-70's Psychedelic, psychedelic progrock)
   Lost-In-Tyme (60's-70's Psychedelic, Acid, Folk, Garage)
   Sometime World (60's-70's Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Space)
   1967 - O Ano da Psicodelia (60's Psychedelic)
   Peppermint Store (60's-70's Psychedelic & psychedelic Rock)
   My Generation (60's-70's Rock, Space, Psychedelic)
   Prog Not frog (everything groovy Non-Mainstream - sometimes some Acid Folk)
   Time Has Told Me (60's-70's Acid, Folk, Psychedelic)
   Garden Of Delights (60's-70's Acid & Psychedelic)
   Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities (60's-70's Psychedelic, 60's Pop)
   Chris Goes Rocks (60's-70's Psychedelic, Progressive)
    CATASTO's FRIENDLY FIRE (70's Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic & Space)
    HEAVY PSYCH DUDE (65-72 - Hard rock & Heavy psychedelia)
    Floodlit Footprint (60's-90's Everthing - but in a way cool)
    Zero G Sound (Political Folk, Rock)
    Double-parking the otter's cheese (60's-90's Mainstream Bootlegs)
   Mike Heron Fansite (made by our friend jose ignacio)
   Boogie Woody (70's-80's - Blues, Rock, Jazz)
    Cachura (Sir Lord Doom's Band)
   Woodstock69's Tradingpage


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