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Donovan - 1973 - Cosmic Wheels Tour [Bootleg]


Cosmic Wheels Tour - 1973 - Recorded in Belgium, Bruxelles
Remastered soundboard

01 - Jennifer Juniper
02 - There Is A Mountain
03 - Hurdy Gurdy Man
04 - Maria Magenta
05 - Cosmic Wheels
06 - Only The Blues
07 - Catch The Wind
08 - The Little Tin Soldier
09 - Lalena
10 - To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
11 - Celia Of The Seals
12 - Mellow Yellow
13 - Atlantis

This concert is palyed accoustic, no electric guitar and studio effects, like on the official released album "Cosmic Wheels", maybe more better versions of songs on this bootleg, taken on the Cosmic Wheels Tour 1973. A bit more Psychedelic folk here, caused by Donovan peaceful and ekstatic voice, on the official album you find more Acid tasting Psychedelic Rock.


Enjoy! greetings, amadeus
22.9.08 20:17

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