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Psychedelic, Soft-Psychedelic-Hippie Folk & Rock

Sweetwater - 1968 - Sweetwater


1 Motherless Child 5:09
2 Here We Go Again 2:34
3 For Pete's Sake 2:53
4 Come Take a Walk 3:51
5 What's Wrong 4:04
6 In a Rainbow 3:18
7 My Crystal Spider 3:57
8 Rondeau 1:19
9 Two Worlds 3:59
10 Through an Old Storybook 2:35
11 Why Oh Why 3:01

In the late 60’s the USA Psychedelic/Proto Prog movement was full of great artists ahead of their time but the band that pioneered the fusion of Rock, Classical, Folk and Jazz was a modest group of kids from Los Angeles called SWEETWATER.

They didn’t just limited to hiring a Symphony Orchestra to enhance the music, instead they were one of the first USA bands to include Cello, flute and Congas to the usual rock instruments, having a lineup of eight official members (plus guests), something pretty unusual for 1968.
It’s unclear if they joined in 1967 or 1968, but due to the excellent voice of Nansi Nevins plus the absolutely innovative and eclectic blend of influences in their music they were immediately recruited by Warner Reprise and released their self titled debut album “Sweetwater”.

This LP was ahead of their time, the killer keyboards of Alex Delzoppo were efficiently backgrounded by the unusual (for that moment) flute of Albert Moore, Cello by August Burns and Conga of the amazing Elpidio Cobian plus the usual instruments of a Rock band.

“Sweetwater” was a moderate success, most probably too advanced for the moment but it allowed the band to be invited as the first group to play in Woodstock. After the popularity gained in the festival, heaven was the limit and they returned to the studio where they recorded their second album “Just for You” being the title song a 10 minutes epic that blended all the influences of the band.

Formed 1968, Los Angeles, CA, United States Members:
Albert Moore (flute)
Alan Malarowitz (drums)
August Burns (cello)
Elpidio Cobian [aka Pete] (conga)
Nancy Nevins (lead vocals)
Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards)
Fred Herrera (bass)
Joe Bruley (guitar)
Mike Williams (drums)
Henry Arias (percussion)

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Zer0_II / Website (13.7.08 01:21)
Greetings. I think you have a fanstatic blog here. I'm surprised that I didn't run across it sooner. I am interested in adding your blog to my music directory/blogroll @

If you would like to be added, please leave a comment on my blog and let me know which category you would like to be listed under. Thank you for all the amazing music. Take care.


Lindalin / Website (5.11.11 10:32)
Greetings. I think you have a fanstatic blog here. I'm surprised that I didn't run across it sooner.

homemade solar panel / Website (20.1.12 09:25)
they recorded their second album “Just for You” being the title song a 10 minutes epic that blended all the influences of the band.

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