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Folk, Singer & Songwriter:

Barry McGuire -
1965 - Eve Of Destruction


1. Eve of Destruction - (studio)
2. She Belongs to Me - (studio)
3. You Never Had It So Good - (studio)
4. Sloop John B - (studio)
5. Baby Blue - (studio)
6. Sins of a Family - (studio)
7. Try to Remember - (studio)
8. Mr Man on the Street - Act One (studio)
9. You Were on My Mind - (studio)
10. Ain't No Way I'm Gonna Change My Mind - (studio)
11. What Exactly's the Matter With Me - (studio)
12. Why Not Stop and Dig It While You Can - (studio)

This is the biggie that made Barry famous. This album is mostly a collection of Barry singing P.F. Sloan and Bob Dylan, the former a writer and performer for Dunhill records. This is Barry's best selling secular record. Highlights include "Eve of Destruction," "What's Exactly the Matter with me?" and "Why Not Stop and Dig it." He also does a good rendition of Ian and Sylvia's "You Were on My Mind," and "Baby Blue" by Bob Dylan. This album made around 33 on the album charts. Eve of Destruction made no. 1 on the singles chart. This is available as a German Import, though getting it may be a little tricky.

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