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John Denver -
1971-03-09 - The Skip Weshner Show,
KRHM-FM, Los Angeles, CA [Bootleg]


01 Me And My Uncle [John Philips]
02 Starwood In Aspen
03 Poem’s Prayers & Promises
04 Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
05 Follow Me
06 Gospel Changes
07 My Old Man
08 Trolley Car Ride
09 America The Beautiful

The following is the original Skip Wesher Show on KRHM-FM in Los Angeles with all the interviews with Denver.
10 Me And My Uncle [John Philips]
11 Conversation
12 Starwood In Aspen
13 Conversation
14 Poem’s Prayers & Promises
15 Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
16 Follow Me
17 Conversation
18 Gospel Changes
19 Conversation
20 My Old Man
21 Conversation
22 Trolley Car Ride
23 Conversation
24 America The Beautiful
25 Conversation

Skip Weshner passed away in 1997 and these tapes were found among his belongings. They have been restored and shared among music fans. Weshner hosted a popular radio show on KRHM-FM in Los Angeles.

On this particular night, March 9, 1971, Denver says on air that he had been up all night writing this new song, Starwood In Aspen, and most likely this is the first performance of this fan favourite. He stops mid-song to figure out the next chord. While there are some stumbles here and there, this is a very young John Denver sounding quite mournful on tracks like Follow Me and Gospel Changes.

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27.6.08 09:56

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pimpon_sesamo (28.6.08 11:49)
no funciona link

amadeus / Website (29.6.08 19:52)
well, the badongo link is alive, but you have to open it with mozilla or opera... otherwise I tryed and it doesn't work right....


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