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Psychedelic, Blues, Jam:

Grace Slick & The Great Society -
1966 - Collector's Item


1. Sally Go 'Round The Roses
2. Didn't Think So
3. Grimly Forming
4. Somebody To Love
5. Father Bruce
6. Outlaw Blues
7. Often As I May
8. Arbitration
9. White Rabbit
10. That's How It Is
11. Darkly Smiling
12. Nature Boy
13. You Can't Cry
14. Daydream Nightmare
15. Everybody Knows
16. Born To Be Burned
17. Father

Info by anatomy-of-rock:
It was back in 1964 that Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed The Great Society. And so did Grace and Jerry Slick the next year. Grace had been doing model jobs and Jerry was a cinematography student when they went to see Jefferson Airplane play at Marty Balin's Matrix Club. They decided that having a rock band would be more fun and pay off better than what they were up to. So they teamed up with Jerry's brother Darby and David Minor to found The Great Society. With Jerry's Somebody to Love and Grace' White Rabbit they soon gained local regards and finally were even offered a major deal with Colombia Records. But the contract only arrived when The Great Society had just disbanded. By this time Grace and Jerry did not only break up professionally but also was their marriage about to end. However, the Airplane needed a new member as Signe T. Anderson was pregnant and leaving the band. So they asked Grace to take her place - And how she did! Grace came along with a suitcase and two songs... The afore mentioned Somebody to Love and White Rabbit. So two songs of The Great Society would make the basement for the international breakthrough of Jefferson Aiplane.

Here you can hear the somewhat raw original versions along with many other songs from the days when a new age started in SF. So let us invite you with the words of Mr San Francisan Nights:

"Save up all your bread and fly Trans Love Airways to San Francisco, USA. It willbe worth it - if not for the sake of this song, but for the sake of your own peace of mind"

Give in to the wonderful voice of the hippiesque beauty queen with her ice blue eyes that were deeper than time... a dream passing by in the sky. *sigh*

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30.5.08 17:20

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