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   Venenos Do Rock (66-75 Psychedelic, Heavy Psychedelia, Acid)
   Grateful Breed (60's-70's Psychedelic, psychedelic progrock)
   Lost-In-Tyme (60's-70's Psychedelic, Acid, Folk, Garage)
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   Time Has Told Me (60's-70's Acid, Folk, Psychedelic)
   Garden Of Delights (60's-70's Acid & Psychedelic)
   Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities (60's-70's Psychedelic, 60's Pop)
   Chris Goes Rocks (60's-70's Psychedelic, Progressive)
    CATASTO's FRIENDLY FIRE (70's Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic & Space)
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    Floodlit Footprint (60's-90's Everthing - but in a way cool)
    Zero G Sound (Political Folk, Rock)
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Acid & Psychedelic, in many groovy forms:

Acid and Flowers -
1996 - 21 Late-1960s Psych Rarities (Timothy's Brain TB-104)

Part 1:
Part 2:

1. Crystal Chandelier - "The Setting of Despair" (2:45)
2. Last Word - "Bidin' My Time" (2:13)
3. Whatever - "The Valley of Death" (2:20)
4. Allies - "I'll Sell My Soul" (2:45)
5. World Column - "Lantern Gospel" (3:27)
6. Hobbits - "Strawberry Children" (3:23)
7. Picture - "Evolution" (4:24)
8. West Coast Branch - "Colors of My Life" (2:30)
9. Morticians - "It's Gonna Take a While" (2:36)
10. First National Band - "When Once It Was Good" (2:42)
11. Savage Genreation - "You're Not Going to Change My World" (3:03)
12. Starfires - "There's Still Time" (1:59)
13. Hindenburg Lyon - "Eden" (2:13)
14. Ford Theater - "Jefferson Airplane" (3:04)
15. Lords - "Death Bells at Dawn" (2:48)
16. United Travel Service - "Wind and Stone" (3:21)
17. Culver Street Playground - "East River Lovers" (2:54)
18. Utopia Carwash - "Loneliness" (3:20)
19. Venus Flytrap - "The Note" (3:14)
20. Rainy Daze - "In My Mind Lives a Forest" (2:49)
21. Zero Tolerance - "Acid and Flowers" (3:24)

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