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   Govindas Dream (Spiritual Music, Acid Folk, Mantras, Ragas)
   MUSICA DEL MUNDO (Folk, World, Ethno music project [dlblog])
   Standin' At The Crossroads (60's-70's Acid Folk, Indian Folk, Psychedelic)
   Sounds Of Enlightenment (All Times - Spiritual Music)
   ENTRE A MI MENTE (40's-70's different kinds of music)
   Groovy Fab (All kind of "Oldies" [Forum])
   Hippy-DJkit (65-75 Psychedelic, Acid, San Francisco Psych)
   Krishna's Golden Dope Shop (60's-70's Psychedelic, Progrock, Acid)
   Sir Psych's Psychedelic Shack (65-75 Psychedelic, psychedelic Rock, psychedelic folk)
   Black Acid (60's-70's Psychedelic, Psychedelic-rock, Acid, Heavy Psychedelia)
   Venenos Do Rock (66-75 Psychedelic, Heavy Psychedelia, Acid)
   Grateful Breed (60's-70's Psychedelic, psychedelic progrock)
   Lost-In-Tyme (60's-70's Psychedelic, Acid, Folk, Garage)
   Sometime World (60's-70's Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Space)
   1967 - O Ano da Psicodelia (60's Psychedelic)
   Peppermint Store (60's-70's Psychedelic & psychedelic Rock)
   My Generation (60's-70's Rock, Space, Psychedelic)
   Prog Not frog (everything groovy Non-Mainstream - sometimes some Acid Folk)
   Time Has Told Me (60's-70's Acid, Folk, Psychedelic)
   Garden Of Delights (60's-70's Acid & Psychedelic)
   Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities (60's-70's Psychedelic, 60's Pop)
   Chris Goes Rocks (60's-70's Psychedelic, Progressive)
    CATASTO's FRIENDLY FIRE (70's Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic & Space)
    HEAVY PSYCH DUDE (65-72 - Hard rock & Heavy psychedelia)
    Floodlit Footprint (60's-90's Everthing - but in a way cool)
    Zero G Sound (Political Folk, Rock)
    Double-parking the otter's cheese (60's-90's Mainstream Bootlegs)
   Mike Heron Fansite (made by our friend jose ignacio)
   Boogie Woody (70's-80's - Blues, Rock, Jazz)
    Cachura (Sir Lord Doom's Band)
   Woodstock69's Tradingpage


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It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN Vol. 5&6 [Bootleg]

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN: 1966-1968

-------------------------Volume 5:

Fillmore Auditorium 1968
1. Suzy Q (11:36)

SANTANA (KSAN Production Reel)
Carousel Ballroom 1968
2. Treat->drums->> (11:30)
3. Jingo (4:40)

Avalon Ballroom 1967 & 68 (various shows)
4. Steppin High (6:36)
5. Can You Feel Your Daddy's Heartbeat? (2:57)
6. Blues With A Feeling (6:41)
7. Living In The USA (4:26)
8. Steppin' Stone (3:10)

THE SPARROW (Pre-Steppenwolf) (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom 1967
9. Corrina, Corrina/ (1:50)
10. Baby Please Don't Go (4:24)
11. Searchin'/ (0:56)
12. Things Won't Be The Same->jam (8:03)

THE DOORS (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom 1967
13. Who Do You Love (3:49)

-------------------------Volume 6:

THE FINAL SOLUTION (Soundboard Reel)
The Matrix 1966 (SBD)
1. Announcements/Intro (0:44)
2. Tell Me Again (6:01)
3. Bleeding Rose (8:22)
4. If You Want (4:14)
5. You Say You Love Me-> (4:23)
Got My Mojo Workin'
6. Time Is Here And Now (2:58)
7. Bo Diddley Meets Sandy Nelson (5:07)
8. Truck Drivin Son Of A Gun (4:05)
9. Just Like Gold (7:04)
10. Misty Mind (6:12)
11. So Long Goodbye-> (0:39)
12. America The Beautiful (0:47)

THE KALIEDESCOPE (w/David Lindley) (broadcast on KSAN )
1968 Studio Outtake:
13. Just A Taste (2:09)

TERRY REID (w/David Lindley) (broadcast on KSAN )
1968 Studio Outtakes:
14. Silver And White Light (4:44)
15. With No Expression (5:07)
16. Think Twice (4:43)

Download Vol. 5 - CCR, Santana, Steve Miller Band, The Sparrow, The Doors:

Download Vol. 6 - The Final Solution, The Kaleidescope, Terry Reid:

Enjoy! greetings, amadeus
26.9.08 11:34

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN Vol. 3&4 [Bootleg]

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN: 1966-1968

-------------------------Volume 3:

BO DIDDLEY (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom 1966
1. Gunslinger (3:25)
2. Eastern Thang (10:06)
3. Great Grand Daddy (5:40)
4. Hey Bo Diddley (3:10)
5. Everybody Needs Somebody (8:47)

THE BYRDS (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom 1968
6. So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star (2:46)
7. Goin' Back (4:31)
8. This Wheels On Fire (4:34)

MOBY GRAPE (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom 1967
9. It Depends On You (7:34)
10. Changes (4:23)
11. Leavin' (1:57)
12. Grape Jam with Big Brother... (5:18)

-------------------------Volume 4:

Avalon Ballroom 1967
1. Tupelo (4:17)
2. Old Folks Boogie (3:07)
3. Evil (2:38)
4. Instrumental (3:12)

Avalon Ballroom 1967 (except track 8 is Fillmore 1968)
5. Bye Bye Baby (4:10)
6. Women Is Losers (5:04)
7. Call On Me (3:51)
8. Ball And Chain (10:52)

Avalon Ballroom 1968
9. Big Boy (6:49)
10. Let Me Be Your Man (8:24)
11. Goin' Down Louisiana (13:21)
12. If You Gotta Go, Go Now->Jam (9:03)

Download Vol. 3 - Bo Diddley, The Byrds, Moby Grape:

Download Vol. 4 - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Initial Shock:

Enjoy! greetings, amadeus
26.9.08 11:34

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN Vol. 1&2 [Bootleg]

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN: 1966-1968

------------------------Volume 1:

The Grateful Dead (partially broadcast on KSAN)
Fillmore Auditorium 11/19/66

1. Bill Graham Introduction (0:37)
2. Cold Rain And Snow (3:08)
3. Hi Heeled Sneakers (4:43)
4. Pain In My Heart (4:02)
5. Beat It On Down The Line (2:59)
6. Cream Puff War (7:40)
7. The Same Thing (11:23)
8. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:36)
9. Dancin In The Street (7:37)
10. Smokestack Lightning (8:42)
11. King Bee (5:30)
12. In The Midnight Hour (18.20)

-------------------------Volume 2:

(KSAN Production Reel)
Fillmore Auditorium 1966 & 67 (various shows)
1. 3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds (5:12)
2. Runnin' Round (2:36)
3. Somebody To Love (3:07)
4. Today (3:23)
5. Get Together (4:12)
6. Other Side Of This Life (6:50)
7. Fat Angel (6:58)
8. ...Grace talk... (0:04)
9. Go To Her (4:21)
10. She Has Funny Cars (3:35)

Avalon Ballroom 1966
11. Dino's Song (3:47)
12. Gold And Silver (2:11)
13. Smokestack Lightning (6:09)

Avalon Ballroom 1967
14. Flying High (4:49)
15. Thought Dream (6:45)
16. H-Bomb Song (3:53)

These are recordings from the heyday of Underground Radio in San Francisco.
This set includes 82 tracks on 6 CDs (most are 80 minute CDs), featuring many
live performances, primarily produced and broadcast by radio station KSAN FM.
Many of the most popular (and a few lesser known) musicians are represented
during the key three years when Bay Area psychadelic music was peaking; from
1966 to 1968. The majority of these recordings came from the Avalon Ballroom
and the Fillmore Auditorium, where KSAN often recorded sets and created
production reels for local FM transmission. Since the production reels
primarily featured edited highlights, theres a consistantly high caliber of
performances documented here.

This collection is not, I repeat not, a duplication of the excellent "San Franciscan Nights" compilation. Duplicating that material was, as much as
possible, intentionally avoided. However, there are some exceptions. 9 of
the 82 tracks in this collection were also included on the SFN compilation.
These 9 tracks were repeated here because they were either in different or
more complete form, as per KSAN production reels, and/or were of improved
quality. Here are those details:

Thought Dream (now part of an expanded Avalon set)

Old Folks Boogie (now part of expanded Avalon set - was mistitled on SFN as
"Woe Is Uh Me Bop"

Bye Bye Baby, Women Is Losers, Call On Me, Ball & Chain (1st 3 are Avalon 67,
not 68 as notated on SFN. Upgraded.)

Suzy Q (Upgraded)

Treat->drums->Jingo (Upgraded. These were the two Santana tracks not listed
on the SFN tracklists.)

Other than those 9 exceptions, the 82 tracks on these CDs are all different
recordings than "San Franciscan Nights"

Theres a surprisingly strong continuity when listening to all these bands
together. The only set questioned was the Bo Diddley set. It was decided to
include this because unlike many/most of his contemporaries, he wasn't just
regurgitating his hits by the mid-1960s. Check out the spacey modal jamming
on "Eastern Thang," and the approach of his band and you'll hear how well it
fits. (He even has an electric violinist on this 1966 Avalon Ballroom set!
If anyone knows or has recollections who backed him around this time, we'd
all enjoy hearing about it.)

Although the majority of these recordings came from KSAN production reels,
several related non-KSAN recordings are also included.

Thanks to Harvey Lubar and the distribution people of San Franciscan Nights.
All the people that helped spread that collection around for free directly
inspired the start of this project.

Mailing-List: list; contact
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 11:00:21 EST
Subject: [tradedead] It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN : 1966-1968

I offered this awesome new KSAN anthology up on a few other lists and think there might be some interest here too, even though most of you probably have some or all of the Dead portion. I'm also looking for two Dead shows: 12/11/69 Thelma Theatre SBD and 8/18/70 AUD with known geneology. And a shot in the dark--if anyone here happens to have an A&M Records advance copy of an album called Silver Bell by Patty Griffin, I'm trying to find a copy of this unreleased album. It's all around in MP3 form but I'd like a clone of the actual advance CD. The album was cancelled and the label dropped her, but not before advance review copies went out, so I know its around. Anyone? Will also do a KSAN set B&P for someone who will offer it back up to the list. Otherwise, open to trading, so send a list if interested. Stu


Download Vol. 1 - Grateful Dead:

Download Vol. 2 - Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger, Country Joe & The Fish:

Please leave a comment. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus
26.9.08 11:33

Donovan - 1973 - Cosmic Wheels (Acid Rock & Psychedelic Folk)


01 Cosmic Wheels
02 Earth Sign Man
03 Sleep
04 Maria Magenta
05 Wild Witch Lady
06 The Music Makers
07 The Intergalactic Laxative
08 I Like You
09 Only The Blues
10 Appearances

Released March 1973
Recorded 1972
Length 37:56
Label Epic Records
Producer Donovan Leitch
Mickie Most

Info by wiki:
After the introspection of fatherhood and family life contained in the songs of H.M.S. Donovan, Donovan turned his attention to popular music again in 1972. It had been three years since "Atlantis" entered the top 10. Since that time, Donovan had released a mildly successful album with band Open Road and a solo children's album that failed to make the charts in the UK and did not even see a release in the US.

In hopes of fomenting success, Donovan brought in Mickie Most to share the producer duties on his next album. The Cosmic Wheels sessions were recorded in Morgan Studios in London, England. In the UK at that time, glam rock ruled the top of the charts, defined by bands and artists such as T. Rex, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie among others. Several of these bands and artists claimed Donovan as a key influence in their music. This praise coupled with the chart success of the genre likely had great influence on the musical direction Cosmic Wheels would take.

While Donovan was recording Cosmic Wheels, Alice Cooper was recording their 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies in the same studio. Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Owen Bruce suggested asking Donovan to sing co-lead on the title track with Vincent Damon Furnier (who later took the name Alice Cooper for himself). Donovan agreed, and the resulting song helped propel Billion Dollar Babies to #1 in the US.

Cosmic Wheels reached the top 20 in both the US and UK, enjoying the same chart success as many of Donovan's previous albums. By 1973 the music business had shifted to promoting album-oriented rock, relegating singles to less promotion and fewer sales. An edited form of "I Like You" reached #66 in the U.S. and became the last charting single Donovan would have.

Donovan was inspired by the C. Flammarion-Woodcut
> Univers (Paris 1888)


24.9.08 17:53

Donovan - 1973 - Cosmic Wheels Tour [Bootleg]


Cosmic Wheels Tour - 1973 - Recorded in Belgium, Bruxelles
Remastered soundboard

01 - Jennifer Juniper
02 - There Is A Mountain
03 - Hurdy Gurdy Man
04 - Maria Magenta
05 - Cosmic Wheels
06 - Only The Blues
07 - Catch The Wind
08 - The Little Tin Soldier
09 - Lalena
10 - To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
11 - Celia Of The Seals
12 - Mellow Yellow
13 - Atlantis

This concert is palyed accoustic, no electric guitar and studio effects, like on the official released album "Cosmic Wheels", maybe more better versions of songs on this bootleg, taken on the Cosmic Wheels Tour 1973. A bit more Psychedelic folk here, caused by Donovan peaceful and ekstatic voice, on the official album you find more Acid tasting Psychedelic Rock.


Enjoy! greetings, amadeus
22.9.08 20:17

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